Hippie Sweatshirt

Hippie sweatshirts are all the rage these days. A new trend in fashion, they’re a hit among hipsters and anybody with a love for peace and love. They’re also super stylish and comfortable. Enjoy wearing your favorite one of these sweet shirts all summer long!

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Tips on buying a hippie sweatshirt

It’s important to make sure you know what you’re looking for, and what you’re looking for in a hippie sweatshirt is probably a great big “do not” list. Some trends work and some don’t, and when it comes to long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts, they rarely work.

If you want a cute button-up style with elastic waistband that’s comfortable and fits well, then by all means, get one of those. For example, Urban Outfitters has a fun-looking shirt with a big medallion design on it that fits well and looks great.

However, many shirts hippie have an inappropriate silhouette for grown-ups, and they tend to be very flimsy, which makes them unwearable.

If you’re searching for something cuter or more understated, then stick with floral or checkered shirts.

How to wear your hippie sweatshirt

Whether you are a trendy hippie with a taste for blue jeans, or you’re a boring, rule-following college student, the super-soft and super comfortable hippie sweatshirts are for everyone. Wearing a hippie sweatshirt won’t make you a hippie, but it will most certainly make you happy!

Popular hippie sweatshirt styles

The most popular hippie-inspired sweatshirt styles are the ones with the peace sign (commonly referred to as “peace symbol” sweatshirts) and skull on them (with the skull’s eyes crossed out).

White or light-colored sweatshirts are the best choice for anyone who has trouble choosing between the two.

If you like to experiment with color, you can also add a little color by way of a paisley print or some pink flowers on your chest.

What to look for when purchasing a hippie sweatshirt

Good quality, durable and comfortable shirt.

Choose a cute and fashionable shirt.

After checking the sizing chart of the shirts on the market, make sure that the fit of the shirt will be suitable for your body type and height. Remember that you need to make sure the sleeves are long enough for you to reach your wrists.

Look for a sweatshirt that is appropriate for a warm weather.

Hippie sweatshirts are available in different colors, including black, white, light blue, green, pink, grey, etc. If you are a fashionista, go for different patterns, such as stripes or flower prints.

Pick a sweatshirt that comes in different sizes.

Especially for women, check the sizing chart of the sweatshirt you want to buy. The sizes for each size can differ significantly.

Buying the perfect hippie sweatshirt at HippieFanStore.com

Hippie sweatshirts will instantly become a trend if you know how to spot a good one. The first thing to consider is the material. The most classic type is cotton but it’s nice to try other options too like cotton/wool blend or cotton/cashmere. They’re all different in terms of looks and feel.

From there, you can play around with the type of colors and styles. Classic colors like black, navy, gray, or white are great as well as more colorful options like tropical green, tropical orange, tropical pink, tropical turquoise, tropical lime, tropical flower, tropical rain, sunburst, black with pink tiger stripes, or bright yellow and black with orange tiger stripes.